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When more than half of the world’s population lives in towns and development is moving steadily in this direction, we humans are ever further away from the earth and nature. The green is becoming crowded out by buildings. And many will still agree that they are becoming more tired of the urban environment. People thrive best with green around them. Green walls is part of the solution.

There is great design freedom for both external and internal walls. The choice of plants and designs or patterns on the wall are made in collaboration with our trained gardeners. The design process in exciting to be part of, if one likes. Otherwise, one can safely hand over the process to us.

Quality is always king. If one wishes to add more aesthetic and environmental qualities to a building, a plant wall from Nature Impact is the obvious choice.

outdoor plant wall at restaurant
closeup of flowering indoor plant wall
byggnadens växtväggar

The Nature Impact system
Watering of the walls is essential, and with Nature Impact’s system of green walls we have solves a known problem directly concerning the watering of green walls. This means that the walls today can be saturated with water and then wait for up to two weeks for the next watering.

The green wall is equipped with a mechanical watering installation. The installation is app-controlled and this gives the gardeners the possibility of checking the need for water online. Watering is thus started without the gardeners being physically present.

With the Local Diversion of Rainfall project, there is the possibility of collecting and re-using rainwater to water the plant wall.

If you want to know more about the benefits of a green plant wall from Nature Impact, you are welcome to have a non-binding chat.

Two types of plant walls
Here you can read more about our internal and external plant walls.

There is no doubt that plants affect us. But there are several good arguments for choosing a living plant wall. A plant wall absorbs CO2 from the surrounding environment, cleans the air and sends oxygen back – a natural part of photosynthesis.

With a plant wall one can experience at close range the changing of the seasons in the play of the plants’ colours and blooming – from the fresh green spring colours to the multicoloured autumnal shades. he plants are chosen depending on the wall’s location in relation to wind and weather, and whether the wall is in direct sunlight or in the shade.

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FAQ Plant Walls

What does a green wall weigh and how often should it be cut? Read more about FAQ on plant walls.

External Walls

With a plant wall, you can experience the change of seasons in the play of colors and flowering of the plants – up close.


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