Green Roofs

Green Roofs

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Nature Impact’s green roofs consist of modules with an extra high edge. The edges ensure that the systems do not grow together while they mature on our land. Before each set is sent off to the construction site, our head gardener will have been along and selected the complete sets. During packing, the extra edge is removed and a noticeable root ball now appears. At the construction site, the modules are laid very close together, and the exposed root ball is now our security that the whole roof will grow together into a complete surface. This is your security against wind suction.

In collaboration with leading Danish experts in hydraulics, we have designed a module that lives up to our high requirements for erosion protection. The module is designed so that it can be placed direct on the membrane and follows the contours of the roof. The roof appears homogeneous because there are no visible joins.

With Nature Impact’s green roof one person can lay 25-40 m2 of green roof per hour. The planter system is laid rapidly and effectively on top of the roof membrane. Upon delivery, the planters are ready for direct installation on the roof. The planters have a visible root ball above the edge of the planter. The planters are then placed in soil-to-soil contact, so that the entire area quickly grows together into a continuous surface. This is a stable and strong protection against wind suction on the roof. With the modern planters, the installation of the green roof is carried out quickly. The brief installation period ensures a sustainable economy in the project, because both crane hours and man hours are reduced compared with the laying of green roofs in the old days.

We have a full range of accessories for your green roof. A specially developed range in collaboration with Jual. The accessories cover the solutions from support profiles for pitched roofs to edge profiles, which ensure a nice uniform finish. The profiles come in stainless steel, seawater-resistant aluminium and black-lacquered aluminium. If you have any queries about accessories, you are welcome to contact us.

sedumplanter i systemmodul
green roof with edge profile
edge profiles for green roofs

Here you can read more about our four types of green roof
A green roof consists mainly of sedum plants. Sedum is well-suited to green roofs, because the plants are naturally hardy and thrive in the harsh conditions on roofs, whether it be sun, wind, frost or dryness. The plants are resistant to dryness, so green roofs do not therefore need manual watering. They absorb and store the rain that falls during the year.


The plants are supplied in planters, which are not complicated to lay and provide great flexibility in the design of the roof. This leaves room for creativity.

A green roof protects the underlying roofing felt and has a long lifetime with minimal maintenance. Furthermore, a green roof retains up to 50% of rainwater, so pressure on the drainage system is relieved. The plants absorb CO2 from the air and increase oxygen levels in the atmosphere through the plants’ photosynthesis. A climate-friendly solution.

If you have doubts about to what extent your vision on the drawing board can be realised in practice, contact us for a chat about the possibilities. In collaboration with our expert advisers you will be guided through how we can obtain the desired appearance. You come in with the vision – we supply the solution.

The Nature roof follows the course of the year and blooms from spring to autumn. During the flowering period, the roof will attract bees and other insects. The standard solution consists of 15 different sedum plants, carefully selected by our gardeners.

The sedum plants in Nature Impact’s Evergreen solution are specially selected according to their ability to retain the intense green color regardless of the season. With Evergreen, you will experience a roof with a stable aesthetic expression.

Nature Impact offers special solutions. Custom Roofs can be combined and built to match the individual project. We can produce Custom solutions for projects of more than 200 m2.

Wild Flower roof is a colorful roof that blooms from spring to late summer in the most beautiful colors. The plants bloom alternately in the shades of red, white, purple, yellow and green. The many flowers also help to increase the biodiversity near the building.

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Are your green roofs maintenance-free, should the roof be watered, and why does the green roof become red?


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Green Roof Case

Green roofs can be applied in many types of constructions. Read about the green roofs on the Solrødgaard Treatment Plant here.