Green roofs are important elements of sustainable construction, and Nature Impact’s innovative system offers a simple and secure installation.

Sustainability made easy
The modern sustainable systems are easily accessible. Nature Impact delivers a system, which makes the roofer’s work accessible and manageable without compromising professional pride.

Advantages of the system solution from Nature Impact
The roof solutions from Nature Impact was developed through co-operation between specialists in roof coverings. Design and functionality must be brought together with a high aesthetic quality, which should, at the same time, be easy to work with for the roofer laying them. With planters, water pressure on the roofing felt is avoided, and the system drains excess water away gradually as it moves down to the lowest drain holes in the planters.

Module-based system
In collaboration with leading Danish experts in hydraulics, we have designed a module that lives up to your highest protection  requireents from erosion. The module is intended to be placed directly on the underlying membrane and follow the roof’s contours.

The system solutions can be ordered in building heights of 60, 80 and 120 mm. The modules are provided with an extra high edge. This ensures that the individual modules do not grow together as they mature on our land. The additional edge is removed in packing the modules, so the root ball becomes exposed.

On the construction site, the modules are laid close together with soil-to-soil contact. The plants will grow together across the planters. This ensures that wind suction does not affect our roofs, because a healthy and well cared-for roof will grow together into a continuous surface.  The roof thus appears homogeneous without visible joins.

sedumplanter i systemmodul
closeup of edge profile
green roof on large riding arena

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Green Roofs

Nature Impact Roof – system solution for sedum roofs. Ensures drains, growth medium and plants in one system.


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Green Roof Case

Green roofs from Nature Impact can be installed on almost every roof construction. Read about the green roofs on the Solrødgaard Treatment Plant here.