Custom Made

Custom Made

The roof is often called the fifth facade – and now we are giving design options back to the architect. Creative visions and colorful solutions – you can now design the proposal yourself.  A roof according to your tastes.

Over time, we have seen a growing interest in designing green roofs. This system solution allows for roof designs based on the plants’ characteristics and colors.

If you are working on a project where the developer wants their logo to be visible from the air, the roof can help achieve this aim. If there’s a view from surrounding buildings, the divisions between apartments can be accentuated, for instance. An example of this is shown in the photos of the Radiorækkerne residences in Copenhagen on this page.

If you want to combine the functionality of the Climate Roof with the look of the Wildflower roof, we can design a concept to meet your needs. If you are in doubt about whether a solution is feasible in practice, contact us for a chat about the possibilities.

In collaboration with our expert advisers, we will help you achieve the design and look you are aiming for. You bring the vision – we deliver the solution.

Our Custom Made Roof unlocks new possibilities for the fifth facade


Available in heights of 60, 80  or 120 mm.

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