Internal Green Walls

Weight 80 kg per m2.

In collaboration with our gardeners, we find you the plant mix that lives up to your wishes.

Mechanical watering.

Green is good for the eye
”Green is good for the eye”. We know the tag, and there is something in it. Not only are we in a good humour, when plants surround us. Our brain also reacts to green and produces chemicals, so that we become even happier. The phenomenon is called the Biophilia hypothesis, and the effect of green plants on peoples’ satisfaction is being researched more and more,

There is no doubt that plants affect us . But there are several good arguments for choosing a living plant wall.

A plant wall absorbs CO2 from the surrounding environment, cleans the air and sends oxygen back – a natural part of photosynthesis. It creates a better internal climate in rooms, where the air can become thick and heavy in the course of a working day. It is calculated that 1 m2 of a green wall can convert 2.3 kilograms of CO2 to 1.7 kilograms of oxygen in a year. Moreover, research has shown that noise reduction can be obtained between 13 and 17 dB.

There is great design freedom for both external and internal walls. The choice of plants and designs or patterns on the wall are made in collaboration with our trained gardeners.

illuminated internal green wall in room with chairs
small cafeteria with green wall

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FAQ Plant Walls

What does a green wall weigh and how often should it be cut? Read more about FAQ on plant walls.

External Walls

With a plant wall, you can experience the change of seasons in the play of colors and flowering of the plants – up close.


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