Green Roof

Green Roof

The Nature Impact® Roof is a system solution for sedum roofs that provides drain, growth medium and plants in a single system.

Our unique system solution prevents stagnant water from collecting on the roof – we prioritize rapid discharge of excess water to the sewage system.

The design of the drain tray accentuates the unique look, which is evident from the moment the roof in installed. Before laying the roof, we expose a portion of the root system – this ensures that all the modules quickly grow together guaranteeing a stronger and more secure roof.

Green Wall

The Nature Impact® Wall is a plant wall combining eminent design with the ability to plant a green wall full of colorful flowers or edible plants.

The wall system also enables you to incorporate environmental considerations into the process. If you’re looking for a product that offers a wide range of benefits in addition to its attractive and decorative appearance, the Nature Impact Wall is the solution for you.

Our plant wall also has excellent noise-reducing properties – studies have shown that it reduces room noise by 13-17 dB.


Over the years, Nature Impact® has supplied a great many system solutions for green roofs and plant walls.

We have collected a selection of cases here to give you inspiration for your next project.

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