Benefits for climate and environment

Green roofs are naturally decorative – they are sustainable roof solutions that make a difference for the climate and the environment.

Urban Heat Island effect
Green roofs have a considerable beneficial effect on the local environment. One of the areas in which a marked difference is seen with green roofs is the Urban Heat Island effect. Green roofs cover dark felt roofs to reduce the temperature in larger towns, which are markedly warmer than the surrounding country areas. This gives the city a chance to breathe.

Improve the air quality
The sedum plants in the green roofs have a cleansing effect. Tiny particles from the air around the roofs are absorbed or broken down by the plant weave. However, some particles, remain on the plants’ surface, from where they wash down into the earth, transformed into acids and salts.

Green roofs for biodiversity
Every day we see construction activity in urban areas. However, population movements from the country to the town take place at the expense of insects, which are deprived of their access to pollen. Where humans move about, there are many paved and tarmac areas. But the insects need green spaces, where wildflowers are allowed to grow. Even though green roofs are not a habitat for insects, they are a dining room, where food can be sought.

Green roofs absorb rainwater
Green roofs absorb large quantities of rainwater. With increasing climate change, which produces more significant rainfall amounts annually, it is vital to introduce Rainwater’s Local Diversion into new building projects.

In towns, there are continuous areas covered with asphalt, flagstones and roof surfaces, which do not take up rainwater, but, on the contrary, make it harder for the water to seep away. Green roofs are part of that solution.

Nature Impact has solutions which can take up 65 litres of water per metre2 roof. So, the answer whether a green roof can be a sensible and environmentally friendly solution for local authorities and building owners is self-evident.

Long durability
Green roofs are long lasting. The organic roof stays bright year after year and has a lifetime of more than 40 years with proper management and maintenance. Finally, a green roof has the advantage that it protects the underlying roofing felt from the sun’s destructive UV rays, which prolongs the roofing’s lifetime.

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flowering plants

Better well-being with a view of green roofs.
In addition to green roofs being a climate-friendly, sustainable and environmentally advantageous system solution, they also positively effect our satisfaction. Over recent years, there has been much research into the concept of Biophilia – a hypothesis which states that people are happier when nature becomes part of the environment. Many people feel that the experience of green surroundings reduces stress levels and increases their quality of life. For example, most find it more pleasant to have an outlook on green roofs in full bloom than on black roof surfaces.

flowering plants
green roof with bridge in background
closeup of flowers

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FAQ Green Roofs

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Green Roof Case

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